What We Do

Machine Vision

We provide specialised vision solutions for manufacturers, especially for inspection of transparent materials.

Smart Equipment

From machine vision to industrial automation, we produce a collection of smart equipment ready for production.

Industrial Network

We build a data platform and connect all machines and sensors for better efficiency.

Industrial AI

We utilise all data collected from production line to provide smart feedback and prediction for continuous improvement.

Featured Products


Industrial Vision Software

Sirius Product Family

Sirius Vision Platform is a software family developed by Sigma Squares Tech, particularly from the UK R&D centre C2visions. It provides a platform which can deployed in a single or individual system or a data centre. It consists of several services including vision processing, image storage, data collection and visualisation, data feedback, etc.

Smart Equipment

Insvis Product Family

Insvis product family is our smart equipment products which are designed for inspecting invisible products such as contact lens, glasses, optical components, etc. Insvis products are widely used in top contact lens manufacturers in Asian countries (e.g. China, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, etc.)


Smart Equipment

Tipvis Product Family

Tipvis product family includes a series of smart machines which are able to provide a number of detailed measurement and inspection of the performance of different devices such as touch panel, touch screen, digital pen, etc.

Smart Eqiupment

Pharmvis Product Family

Pharmvis product family has a series of smart inspection machine for pharmaceutical industry such as inspections of capsules, tablets, softgel as well as blister packaging or other pharmaceutical packaging vision inspections.


Featured Product

Insvis Smart Production Line


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